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Changes to the Surety Bond Requirements for Cosmetology Schools

Changes related to the Board of Cosmetologist Examiners were made during the 2017 Minnesota legislative session. All owners, employees and attorneys should make note of these new laws and requirements, which may have an effect on cosmetology licensing, schools, eyelash extension service providers and the public. A New Law Governing…

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stress with surety bonds
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Reducing the Stress of Obtaining a Surety Bond

Stress is the one part of the surety process that doesn’t have to be there. Obtaining a surety bond can be confusing, but by understanding what goes into the process can help clear up a few of the uncertainties that lead to stressful situations. Here are a few ways you…

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The Real Difference Between Surety Bonds and Commercial Insurance?

Many people do not understand the difference between surety bonds and commercial insurance. While the two do share some similarities, there are glaring differences that must be noted and understood in order to decide which one (or both) are right for your specific situation. Here are the basic definitions and…

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find the right surety bond
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The Best Way to Find Out Which Type of Surety Bond You Need

Surety is a large industry because there are different bonds for many court cases and financial situations. There isn’t a single surety bond that encompasses all cases, which is why it’s important to know which type of bond you are looking for before you start the process. Not sure where…

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high surety bond costs
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The High Costs of Surety Bond Mistakes

Even a simple surety bond mistake can be costly, resulting in anything from failed appeals to dismissed cases and even wasted time and money. If you want to get the right bond approved quickly and without any of the headaches involved, avoid these costly surety bond mistakes. Not Knowing Which…

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small business
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Surety Bonds for Small Businesses

Small businesses in many instances are required to have surety bonds. The types of companies that are required to purchase a surety bond can vary from state to state and even from business to business. There are also certain industries in which bonds are generally required. Businesses that work in…

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professional surety agency
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What Surety Agencies Provide that Insurance Companies Can’t

While you have options when looking to obtain a surety bond, there is no better place to go than a specialized surety agency. It is possible to obtain surety bonds through commercial insurance companies, but the experience and service you will receive by working with an agency is something you…

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legal questions
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Questions to Ask Your Attorney About Surety Bonds

Obtaining a surety bond can be confusing, but by working with your attorney and an experienced surety bond agency, you can move through the process with little trouble. If you are new to the process, start by asking your attorney these questions. What Type of Surety Bond Do I Need?…

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3d printer
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How 3D Printing Could Cause an Increase in Temporary Injunctions

Since the first patent was issued in the US in 1790 — to Samuel Hopkins for a process of making potash — there have been lawsuits involving infringements on intellectual property. These have led to countless injunctions being filed over the years. Although the essential definition of intellectual property has…

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calculating investments for beneficiaries
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What Are the Responsibilities of a Representative Payee?

A representative payee is a person or organization who has been appointed to help beneficiaries manage their benefits. Representative payees can be appointed through the Social Security Administration (SSA) or the Department of Veteran’s Affairs (VA). The most common representative payee is a family member or close friend. If that…

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