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The Patrick J. Thomas Agency was established in 1961. Since that time, we have grown to become THE recognized name in Minnesota Surety and Commercial Insurance.

We specialize in two major areas: Surety Bonds and Commercial Insurance

With over 50 years of experience, we have grown and are licensed in numerous states. Whether it is a corporate surety bond or commercial insurance, the Patrick J. Thomas Agency has developed fast, efficient and convenient services for our clients. Respected, renowned and with the capacity and in-house authority other firms lack, the attentive personal service we strive for shows we care about providing quality assistance to our customers.

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Explaining Errors and Omissions Insurance

Explaining Errors and Omissions Insurance 1024 731 Patrick J. Thomas Agency

Businesses are essentially made of people, which means that mistakes can happen. Unfortunately, there are times when those mistakes cost quite a bit of money, often to the detriment of your customers. This can often result in negligence lawsuits that financially hurt your business. Even if you don’t have to pay out an extremely large…

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The Major Types of Fidelity Bonds and What They Cover

The Major Types of Fidelity Bonds and What They Cover 1024 655 Patrick J. Thomas Agency

Fidelity bonds are an important type of insurance for companies because they protect your business and customers from thefts committed by your employees. If you have a business that has employees who handle large amounts of cash, valuable items, or other expensive assets, a fidelity bond is a type of insurance that you should consider. …

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