MyMNConservator (MMC) Electronic Filing System

MyMNConservator (MMC) is an online conservator account reporting application that allows conservators to file their inventory and annual accountings electronically.

As of April 2014, the online accounting program known as CAMPER has changed to MyMNConservator. This is the accounting program all Minnesota Conservators are required to use. You will need to register for the new program if you have conservatorship.

More information and additional resources can be found on MMC’s Website.

Instructions for Registration:

  1. Visit
  2. Click the “MMC Login” link
  3. Click on “Log in”  in the upper right hand corner
  4. Click on “Create Account” in the upper right hand corner (an email address is required)

Find more information in the MyMN Conservator User Manual, or check out the Help Videos.

NOTE: Previous conservators who had dealt with CAMPER will need to file their inventory with the ending balance of their last annual account filed with the court.

For further assistance, contact MMC’s Help Desk at 763-279-0176.