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Surety Bonds and Commercial Insurance
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Why Are Surety Bonds Required Along with Commercial Insurance?

Many new business owners often ask why they need to obtain a surety bond in Minnesota. This isn’t unique to Minnesota; most states require businesses in certain industries to obtain surety bonds on top of the commercial insurance they already carry. That’s because surety bonds and commercial insurance protect and…

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The Costs of Conservatorships and Guardianships

Setting up a conservatorship or guardianship comes with a few costs, most of which people don’t really expect when they begin thinking about appointing someone to the position. If you are thinking about appointing a guardian or conservator for a protected person, these are a few of the costs you…

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The Importance of Getting Discharged as a Fiduciary

As a fiduciary or guardian in Minnesota, it is a person’s responsibility to not only manage the assets of a person, it is also their responsibility to work with the courts and their attorney to close out their case when their duties are completed. There are many fiduciary roles in…

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What Happens if a Person Dies Without a Will?

When a person dies without a will or trust, their assets are subject to the laws of probate within their state. While these laws will differ from state to state, many states follow similar legal protocols when it comes to distributing a person’s assets, which can include: Possessions Real estate…

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The Challenges of Protective Orders in Civil Cases

When dealing with cases involving surety bonds, there are times when the court may issue a protective order. Protective orders, like temporary restraining orders, usually prevent a party from taking some type of action. The party may be prohibited from transferring a bank account, selling or disposing assets, making changes…

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Are There Alternatives to Guardianships and Conservatorships?

When a person is no longer able to take care of their personal health, day-to-day affairs, personal finances, or any other aspects of their life, it’s essential for their loved ones to help them set up a guardianship, conservatorship, or both. Guardianships are the best way to provide aid to…

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legal rights
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What Rights to Do Wards and Protective Persons Have?

Wards, whether they are under a guardianship or conservatorship have a specific set of rights that they are guaranteed by law. If you are about to enter a guardianship or conservatorship, it is imperative that you understand the rights guaranteed to wards in your state. Note: the laws regarding guardianships…

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How to Obtain a Minnesota Subsurface Sewage Treatment System Bond

Any person who is seeking a Subsurface Sewage Treatment System (SSTS) license in Minnesota must procure an applicable surety bond, according to the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency (MPCA). If you are looking to open an SSTS business in the state of Minnesota, here is what you need to know about…

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Establishing a Guardianship for a Child Who is Turning 18

When children in Minnesota reach the Age of Majority (18 years old), they are legally considered adults. With this comes many rights and responsibilities: they can legally move out without their parents’ permission, enter into contracts (in accordance with common law), and much more. For children who have certain disabilities…

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Obtaining a Minnesota Bonded Title for Your Vehicle

Have you lost your Minnesota vehicle title? Have you recently purchased vehicle that didn’t come with a title (only a bill of sale)? Did you inherit a vehicle from a relative in another state? There are many reasons why Minnesotans may find themselves without a vehicle title. Regardless of why…

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