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The Challenges of Being a Guardian or Conservator

Have you been approached about serving as a guardian or conservator for a family member or close friend? It can be a challenging role, but so long as you understand the process and what’s expected of you, it’s something that most people can handle. Understand Your Role and the Needs…

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abuse of protected person
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Signs of Financial Exploitation in Protected Persons

Conservators are needed if you suspect abuse from taking place. They are established to prevent the abuse and waste of a protected person’s assets.  If you are a family member or friend who has concerns, here’s what to look for to help protect your loved one from abuse: Misappropriation of…

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difference guardian conservator
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The Difference Between General and Emergency/Temporary Conservators

In most cases involving conservatorship, the courts will appoint a person or organization to manage the financial assets of a protected person. This is the most basic explanation of the primary duty of conservators, but their power and authority can vary based on the state as well as the court…

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How are Conservators and Guardians Appointed?

The process of appointing a person or professional company for a conservatorship or guardianship can differ from state to state, but there is a general process that applies to most courts across the country. While it’s best consult with an attorney before going through the process, it’s good to know…

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accounting audit
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How to Work Through a Conservatorship Audit

While conservatorship accountings occur on an annual basis in most states, not every conservator will be subject to a more extensive audit. If you are a conservator and have received notice that your account is being audited, there is no reason to panic. Just because you are being audited does…

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money in a trust
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The Challenges of Acting as a Fiduciary for a Trust

One of the most important things a person can do when acting as a fiduciary for a trust is understand what’s involved in the role. It’s more than signing a few pieces of paper, and there are actually many challenges to overcome when taking the position. It’s not an impossible…

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5 Things to Consider Before Selecting a Guardian or Conservator

When a vulnerable person is unable to manage their estate and/or make certain decisions regarding their care, it becomes necessary for the court to appoint a conservator or guardian. The basic difference between conservatorship and guardianship is in the powers they are granted by the court: conservators manage the assets…

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bookkeeping conservators
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Best Accounting Practices for Conservators

As an appointed conservator, you have a fiduciary responsibility to conserve and manage the estate of a protected person. This duty includes taking charge of the financial assets and day-to-day spending. Because of these responsibilities, it is imperative for conservators to have a rudimentary understanding of basic money management and…

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scale showing difference
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The Difference Between Conservatorship and Guardianship

The fundamental difference between guardians and conservators is in the power they are given. Both protect a vulnerable person, but conservators and guardians have very different roles when it comes to managing the finances and day-to-day decisions regarding a vulnerable person. Remember that each state has different rules, guidelines, etc…

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three questions about trusts
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The 3 Things Every Trustee Should Know

Trustees manage the distribution of a trust’s assets to certain beneficiaries. Since this responsibility comes with a substantial amount of financial management, certain accounting practices become necessary to effectively manage the distribution. If you have recently become, or will become, a trustee, follow these best practices when executing your grantor’s…

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