Accountants’ Professional Liability Insurance

Accountants' Professional Liability Insurance in Minnesota

What is Accountants Professional Liability Insurance?

Accountants professional liability insurance is a type of (errors and omissions) commercial insurance that protects accountants and other financial-based occupations from lawsuits that are brought against them based on the work they perform for individuals, businesses, or other organizations. 

How Accountants Professional Liability Insurance Works

Accountants are entrusted to make financial decisions and give advice that can strongly impact a client’s financial situation and wellbeing. However, this line of work can often lead to lawsuits against the professionals and organizations that work in the financial industry. Accountants professional liability insurance can provide protection and security in the event that a client files a lawsuit against you or your company. It’s important to have broad coverage that offers comprehensive protection, and financial professionals should consult an insurance agent for a full understanding of the specifications of their coverage.  

This type of professional liability insurance can include coverage for negligence and services provided. It generally covers legal expenses and settlements that result from lawsuits. 

Who Needs Accountants Professional Liability Insurance?

There are many Minnesota professionals in finance who can benefit from this type of professional liability insurance: 

  • Accountants 
  • Bookkeepers 
  • Tax preparers 
  • Auditing services 
  • SEC engagements 
  • Enrolled agents 
  • Personal finance planners 
  • Financial consulting services 
  • CFO services 

Whether you are a sole proprietorship, a small or mid-sized business, or a large enterprise, this type of commercial insurance can protect your company. 

Obtain Accountants Professional Liability Insurance in Minnesota

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