Teachers Professional Liability Insurance

Teachers Professional Liability Insurance in Minnesota

What is Teachers Professional Liability Insurance?

Teachers professional liability insurance is a type of commercial insurance that protects education professionals and consultants in the event they are brought to court over a work-related incident. Just as doctors and lawyers shouldn’t practice without liability insurance, neither should our nation’s teachers and education professionals. 

How Does Teachers Professional Liability Insurance Work 

Depending on the plan that is created, education liability insurance (errors and omissions) can protect educators and educational institutions from a variety of claims made in lawsuits, including: 

  • Classroom injuries involving students 
  • Alleged violations of civil rights 
  • Failure of education curriculum and policies 
  • Failure to advance students 
  • Hiring unqualified personnel 
  • Physical abuse 
  • Sexual abuse and inappropriate relationships 
  • Invasion of privacy 
  • Improper methods of instruction 

Plans can be drafted for public and private teachers, educational organizations, consultants that deal in education, curriculum creators, and other professionals. These types of plans generally cover legal expenses as well as settlements that are required to be paid out as a result of legal cases. 

Teachers should seek advice and information from an insurance professional for a full understanding of their workplace coverage. 

Obtain Teachers Professional Liability Insurance in Minnesota

If you are a teacher in Minnesota and need professional liability insurance, contact the commercial insurance experts at The Patrick J. Thomas Agency. Our qualified agents can help you obtain a plan that works for you. Get in touch with us today.