• March 30, 2022

2022 Updates to Minnesota Guardianship Communication Statutes

2022 Updates to Minnesota Guardianship Communication Statutes

2022 Updates to Minnesota Guardianship Communication Statutes 1024 767 Patrick J. Thomas Agency

Every so often, the statutes that govern guardians in Minnesota are updated to include new language, changes in regulations and laws, or other definitions that can have an impact on guardians, people subject to guardianships, and attorneys who work in this field of law. 

Stay on Top of New Minnesota Guardianship Language

New language has been added to MN Statute 524.5-316 REPORTS; MONITORING OF GUARDIANSHIP; COURT ORDERS. This statute covers the court orders pertaining to how Minnesota guardians should report to the court, notify interested persons, and other communications essential to their duties and role. Although the language was technically added in 2021, it will impact all guardianships throughout the 2022 year and into the future, until the statute is updated again. 

The language that was added to the statute can be found in the sections below: 

(d) Unless communication is prohibited by court order, a guardian shall communicate to all known interested persons as defined by section 524.5-102, subdivision 7, clauses (iii), (iv), (v), (vi), (ix), and (xi): 

(e) An interested person may notify the court in writing that the interested person does not wish to receive copies of reports required under this section. 

What Does the New Language Mean

These notifications are in regard to certain events regarding a person who is subject to the guardianship. As an example, if a person subject to a guardianship is moved to a new living facility, all interested persons must be notified according to the sections in the legislation above. 

Who is an interested person? Interested parties in MN guardianships are defined in MN 524.5-102 DEFINITIONS. Interested persons can include: 

  • The adult subject to guardianship 
  • The guardian themself 
  • Legal representatives and attorneys 
  • Spouses, parents, adult children of the living spouse, etc. 

There are more, so make sure to refer to the complete definitions in the statute itself. 

Guardianship Bonds in Minnesota

As always, Minnesota guardianship bonds are often required when a guardian is selected and the guardianship is established. These bonds provide crucial protection for the person subject to the guardianship and are often required by the courts. If you need to obtain a guardianship bond, get in touch with the surety bond experts at The Patrick J. Thomas Agency today. 

Disclaimer: this is for informational purposes only and is not intended to be legal advice. If you need legal counsel, please contact an attorney directly.