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What to Know Before Granting Power of Attorney

Granting Power of Attorney in Minnesota is a simple process, but it’s not one to be taken lightly. Always consult with an attorney before taking this legal action.  A Brief Definition of Power of Attorney Power of Attorney is a written document used when an adult (the principal) wishes to have another adult (the agent or attorney-in-fact) handle…

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The Difference Between a Temporary Restraining Order and a Preliminary Injunction

While similar, there are identifiable differences between temporary restraining orders and preliminary injunctions, and each of them has a specific place in the legal system. Each one also means a different thing for your case.  These are the major differences between preliminary injunctions and temporary restraining orders.  What is a Preliminary Injunction?…

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The Clear Signs of Elder Abuse in Nursing Homes

Making the decision to place a relative or close friend in a nursing is not easy, but when it comes time to transfer care of someone over to another person or organization, you want to be sure that the person will be well cared for. While the vast majority of nursing homes and employees…

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How to Confront Financial Exploitation in Minnesota

Financial exploitation in Minnesota is well documented and unfortunate issue that protected and elderly people and their loved ones must confront. When it comes to managing and distributing the assets of a protected person, there is some room for fraud and abuse, and this type of exploitation has been investigated…

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The Challenges of Being a VA Representative Payee

Being a representative payee means taking on the duties of administering the benefits given to a protected person by an organization like the Social Security Administration (SSA) or The Department of Veteran’s Affairs. When you are appointed as a representative payee for a person’s VA funds, you can also be…

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Ignition Interlock Bonds Help Minnesotans with DWIs Get Back on the Road

Not to be confused with bail bonds for those who have been arrested for committing a DWI, DWI ignition interlock bonds are a type of surety bond that are generally required by prosecutors for people who have been convicted of a committing a DWI and have entered the state’s Ignition…

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The Requirements for Getting Medical Assistance in Minnesota

Minnesota offers a variety of medical assistance (MA) and health insurance programs for those who qualify. While the process for applying is rather straightforward, only those who meet certain conditions will qualify for receiving these types of benefits. There are four major types of medical assistance and insurance plans offered…

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The Difference Between a Special Needs Trust and Supplemental Needs Trusts

When it comes to trusts, there are many options, two of which are special needs trusts and supplemental needs trusts. Despite their similar sounding names, they are different, but over time the supplemental needs trust has become less common and the two terms are commonly mixed. If you are looking…

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What Happens if a Person Dies Without a Will?

When a person dies without a will or trust, their assets are subject to the laws of probate within their state. While these laws will differ from state to state, many states follow similar legal protocols when it comes to distributing a person’s assets, which can include: Possessions Real estate…

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What to Know About Power of Attorney in Minnesota

If you believe you may soon need to appoint someone to have Power of Attorney (POA), the first thing you should do is contact an attorney who can help you through the process of obtaining it. If you are looking to become more familiar with Power of Attorney in Minnesota,…

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