• November 4, 2018

3 Useful Documents for Minnesota Conservators

3 Useful Documents for Minnesota Conservators

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Preparing to become a conservator in Minnesota can be a long and unfamiliar process, but it becomes much easier once you learn a few basics and understand what will be expected of you. It’s not something most people are accustomed to, at first, but there are a few documents  you can read that will give you a crash course on how to become conservator and what your duties will be.

If you are thinking of becoming a conservator for a family member or friend, read through these three documents.

#1: The MyMN Conservator User Manual (MMC)

The MMC is one of the most important documents you can read before starting your duties as a conservator. It’s a good idea to read it “cover-to-cover.” Yes, it 59 pages long, but as you flip through it you’ll notice that a good portion of many of the pages are taken up by images that show you how to navigate the online conservator account reporting application. This is where you will be setting up your conservator profile as well as one for your protected person. You will also be required to submit your annual reports every year, and the MMC is an easy way to do it.

Most of what you need know about the online portal is in this document. 

Download it here.

#2: The Conservator Handbook

As the title state, this is your handbook, which is filled with detailed information on both conservatorships and guardianships in Minnesota. It gives you a general overview of your powers as a conservator and the duties that are expected of you. Keep in mind that the court can also grant you specific powers and limit you elsewhere.

If you have questions about being a conservator, this handbook is the place to start. You can also contact your attorney or speak with the court if you do not find the answers you are looking for.

Download it here.

#3: Conservator Account Audit Tips

There are times that, after submitting your annual financial report, you may be audited. Conservatorship audits can be thorough and intimidating, but following the tips in this short guide will help you get through it.

Download it here. 

Always remember that you can contact the court or an attorney if you have any questions or concerns about your role as a conservator.


Disclaimer: this is for informational purposes only and is not intended to be legal advice. If you need legal counsel, please contact an attorney directly.