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Surety Bonds and Commercial Insurance
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Meeting Tight Deadlines for Supersedeas Bonds

The timeliness of obtaining a supersedeas bond is a crucial component of the appellate process. When an attorney needs a supersedeas bond to proceed, obtaining one quickly is absolutely necessary to help preserve the client’s position. Since appeals take time, and the judgement needs to be put on hold immediately, parties…

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Avoiding Underwriting Red Flags in Fiduciary Bonds

Fiduciary bonds can be tricky to obtain, and attorneys need to be prepared with the right knowledge and information before pursuing them. By researching and understanding the various underwriting red flags, you will give your client/s the best chance of success when obtaining fiduciary bonds such as: Conservatorship/Guardianship Personal Representative…

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How Attorneys Can Obtain Fiduciary Bonds to Protect Their Clients

When a court orders a surety bond, it’s up to the attorney to help their clients through the process of procuring one.

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Surety Bond Agents: Helpful Allies in the Industry

Fiduciary bonds, often called probate bonds or receivership bonds, are generally not thought of until they are actually needed.

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Surety Bonds 101

WHAT IS SURETY? Surety is a special line of insurance that is used to guarantee the performance of an obligation of another party. Surety bonds are used to provide monetary compensation in case the principal fails to perform the promised obligation. Unlike traditional insurance coverage, the risk remains with the…

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